What Can We Learn From Our Breath?

Our breath can tell us a lot about the state of our oral health. Bad breath can be embarrassing, and can bring down our confidence in the workplace and at home. While in most cases bad breath can be remedied with improved dental hygiene, there are a variety of other more systemic causes for bad breath. In any case, it’s important to understand what our breath is telling us about our health, so that we can act accordingly.What Can We Learn From Our Breath?

Reason To Smile Dental is proud to serve the Salt Lake City area with superior dental care. Whether you’re looking for family dentistrycosmetic dentistry, or our numerous restorative services, Dr. Vernon and our highly experienced team provide quality service and care to each of our patients. Before calling our Salt Lake City office, learn more about how we can use our breath as an indicator as to our oral and overall health.

What Causes Bad Breath?

The most common cause of bad breath is inadequate dental hygiene. When you’re not brushing at least twice per day and flossing routinely, bacteria begins to build up between the teeth and underneath the gum line, leading to bad breath.

There are also certain systemic complications that can cause bad breath. These can be greater health issues that aren’t simply treated by improving your oral health. Here are some of the health complications that can affect your breath:
Respiratory Infection: Respiratory infections in the throat or lungs can bring about increased bacteria, which can affect your breath.
Diabetes: In some cases, diabetics can have a sweetness to their breath. This can be a dangerous sign, suggesting that the body is not using insulin properly.
Kidney Failure: Those on the verge of kidney failure often have breath that smells fishy, or like ammonia.

How to Improve Bad Breath

The first way to attack bad breath is to improve your dental hygiene. If you’re not already there, get into the habit of flossing daily. Brush thoroughly, targeting every area of your mouth. Don’t forget your tongue, because bacteria likes to live on the surface!

Along with improved dental hygiene, your diet can have a big impact on your oral health. Swapping out sugary snacks for vegetables can be a great treat for your teeth. It’s easy to forget that oral health is about much more than just brushing your teeth and flossing. Everything we eat and drink has an impact on our teeth and gums.

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