Tips for Dental Hygiene on the Road

Travel throws us off our daily routines, and that can make it hard for us to remember to take care of our teeth. However, there are still many ways to ensure you are properly caring for your teeth, even when you can’t take all of your oral health supplies with you. Let’s talk about some options we have to keep up with our dental hygiene while we’re away.

Reason To Smile Dental wants you to have a worry-free trip, and we can guide you down the right road for your teeth while on the move. Dr. Andrew M. Vernon and his team are experienced and ready to help you with whatever you may need to keep your mouth healthy while traveling. Stop by our Salt Lake City location if you need a checkup before you go.

Choose Teeth Friendly Snacks

Being on the road does not offer many teeth friendly options. Between fast food restaurants and gas stations, there are limited options amongst the candy, sugar-loaded drinks, and junk food.

Travel friendly snacks, such as cheese and almonds are full of calcium that can help keep your teeth strong and protected. Other nuts, fruits like apples and pears, and vegetables are also good options that can be found on the road. As hard as it may be, avoiding starchy and sugary foods will reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth that leads to tooth decay.

Water will always be a good choice. By choosing water over sugary drinks, you are saving your teeth from bacteria and the damaging acids found alongside all the sugar in a lot of drinks. This also goes for diet drinks. While they don’t have all the sugar, they still contain the harmful acids that regular drinks do. If you want something other than water, milk and unsweetened tea are good options as well.

If you are going to drink a sugary beverage, finish it in a short period rather than sipping all day to limit the time your teeth are exposed to harmful acids and sugars.

Make Time to Brush and Floss

Being away from home is no reason to neglect dental hygiene. Keeping a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in your travel bag will ensure you can take care of your teeth wherever you go. Travel sized toothpaste tubes, and brush holders make it even more convenient to take care of your teeth.

By adding a couple of minutes to your rest stop, you can clean away the plaque buildup from the day of eating poorly on the road. It will make it less likely that you will have a cavity when you get back home.

Are You Ready to Go?

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