Sedation Dentistry in Salt Lake City

Do you or a loved one suffer from crippling fear or anxiety when it comes to dental work? No need to worry, you’re not alone. Over 75 million people in the United States avoid dental work for just that reason. This has resulted in poor oral health for millions of people and families. At Reason To Smile our staff are committed to your complete comfort and ease. We know dental care is vital to good oral health and longevity of teeth.

We understand the fears that come along with dental care and concerns. As such, we provide many options, medically, to ease dental anxiety and leave you with a pleasant experience. Did you know, however, that Sedation Dentistry isn’t just for anxiety? Read on to hear about some of the other medical conditions that would affect dental work and how sedation can help.

Sedation: Not Just for Anxiety

You’ve probably already had some form of sedation dentistry and not even realized it. Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is common and widely used. However, did you know that sedation dentistry can help with other medical conditions that can affect dental work? Here are some of those conditions:

  • People that need to endure several, more involved, treatments
  • Those who have an overactive gag reflex
  • People with low pain threshold
  • People who can’t hold still for long periods of time
  • Children who can’t hold still or are highly fearful

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation dentistry is generally a safe and effective procedure for all ages of patients. Patient medical records are thoroughly reviewed for safety by trained professionals before any treatment is performed. Some forms of sedation actually have an amnesiac effect, so the patient won’t even remember most of the visit. Throughout the procedure patients will be relaxed and calm, able to follow directions and answer questions, but the memories following will be softened to a comfortable feeling.

Sedation Dentistry, especially pediatric sedation, takes a high level of specialized training. Our staff at Reason To Smile are all trained in; advanced methods of sedation dentistry, each form of sedation treatment and how it works, customizing treatment plans to fit the individual needs and how to converse with a sedated person. We are committed to your overall well-being and want you to have a positive experience in our office.

Choose Reason To Smile Dental!

If you or a loved one experience any of the medical conditions discussed above, sedation dentistry could be the answer. At Reason To Smile, we ensure your utmost comfort and safety when you’re in our office and during any sedation procedure. If you feel like sedation dentistry could be the answer to your dental anxiety or medical concern, call us today at (801) 618-3399.

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