Oral Care When Traveling For Spring Break

These next couple of months are full of travels with students and teachers on spring break. Even though your family may be on vacation, it is important to keep up with your oral health. Tooth decay is a very common risk when you change your brushing and flossing schedule. It is important to be prepared to take care of your teeth when you aren’t home.

Reason To Smile Dental stands behind your smile and really cares about your teeth. Whatever dental goals you may have, we are here to support you and give you services that will give you the smile you’ve always wanted. With that said, here is some information on keeping up with your oral hygiene when you are traveling.

Common Pitfalls On the Road

When you are on the road, it is very common to snack on plenty of bad foods. When you stop at a gas station to fill your tank, it tends to give you a plethora of options that aren’t so great for your teeth. Candy and junk food are a common purchase at a gas station. Unfortunately, these foods can do a lot of damage to your teeth.

The extra sugar and lack of nutritional value in junk food makes it easy for bacteria to survive on your teeth and lead to tooth decay. Also, there is limited access to sinks or places that make it easy to clean the bacteria in your mouth. If that bacteria lingers for long enough, your teeth and gums are at risk.

How To Take Proper Care of Your Teeth on the Road

While it is hard to find some time to brush and floss, there are ways to work around those limitations. Here are some tips that we offer our patients:

Fit Brushing In Your Schedule: As mentioned above, if you are on the road, chances are that you’ll have to stop at a gas station. If you’ve noticed you haven’t brushed your teeth for a while, that’s the perfect time to have access to a sink. Be sure to make a stop in the restroom to brush your teeth.
Have Some Travel Tools: If you’d like to easily floss on the road, floss picks are a great option that allows you to handle flossing with one hand. They are incredibly portable so you can use them anywhere.
Avoid Bad Foods: It is easy to buy junk food and candy to keep you satisfied on the road. Be sure to bring healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables to keep your teeth from collecting too much decay.
Avoid Sodas and Sugary Drinks: The sugars and acids in soda and other sugary drinks make it easy for bacteria to survive on your teeth. Sticking to water while on the road will improve your oral health.

Achieve A Bright Smile With Reason To Smile

Going on a trip? Returning from a trip? If you are, it is good to get a check up and make sure your teeth are healthy before or after a trip. We provide a wide range of dental services to give you a bright smile. If you’d like to schedule a visit, don’t hesitate to contact us here, or give us a call at (801) 719-5447!

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