Importance of Regular Dental Check Ups

To many, the dentist’s office is not a place they want to find themselves. Often, this leads to poor oral care, and ultimately an unpleasant experience to right these wrongs. Having a good relationship with your dentist, and your oral care is the key to overcoming fears. This makes it very important to have regular dental check ups.

At Reason To Smile under the direction of Dr. Andrew Vernon DMD, we care about the relationship between our staff and patients. We are dedicated to making an environment where you feel taken care of and give you a reason to smile. With that, we stress the importance of regular visits to solve problems before they exist, save you money and help with your overall health.

Problem Solver

By regularly visiting your dentist, you can stop some problems before they happen. Oral care can be difficult to do just at home, because often plaque cannot be seen by the naked eye, requiring the specialties of your dentist.

Not only can your dentist see plaque as it starts to build up, but hygienists can also offer deeper cleaning that will clear up a problem area before it requires a filling. The process of getting a filling is usually the most commonly feared attribute of the dentist’s office, but hygiene visits and check ups are merely a cleaning to prevent this.

By understanding how your dentist can help you, and prevent these uncomfortable procedures, your experience will start to improve. Don’t forgo seeing your dentist out of fear. Learn tips and trick that only they know to keep your smile happy and healthy.

Saves Money

Additionally, regular check ups by the dentist can save you money. Not only are fillings and other invasive procedures uncomfortable, they are also costly. Even if your teeth require filings at some point, having them taken care of when they are small prevents larger issues.

Regular visits are often covered by insurance, with only a small copay. The rule of thumb is to visit your dentist every 6 months, but if you are experiencing teeth issues, more visits never hurt.

Our staff at Reason To Smile care about our clients and their happiness. We never want to take more money from you, we create loyal customers by having them leave with happy, healthy smiles, not expensive cavities and fillings.

Overall Health Indicator

Another key reason for regular dental check ups pertains to your overall health. Your gums, and teeth, serve as indicators for the rest of your body when it is sick. While a dentist can’t solve all health issues, they can alert you when they see something concerning, possible helping you stop another problem before it starts.

Dentists are trained doctors, going through dental school just as a doctor goes through medical school. They are there to keep a smile on your face, regardless of what you are facing.

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