How to Clean Dental Crowns

You’ve just had your beautiful, new dental crown seated, but now what? How do you clean and care for it? Cleaning a dental crown shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming. However, it does require a slightly different process.

Stick to a Routine

When we begin and keep up a daily routine for cleaning crowns and permanent teeth, we strengthen their longevity. Healthy teeth and crowns and teeth will cause less pain and cost you less money in expensive dental work. These 4 steps will help keep your crowns, teeth and gums healthy:

    • Brush: Using a soft bristled brush, brush teeth and gums fire a total of 2 minutes. Brush morning and night to avoid bacteria and keep your dental crown clean.
    • Floss: Flossing is an important technique to keep harmful food particles from collecting around your dental crown. Once you’ve pushed the floss down to the gums, pull floss through the side of your teeth. Pulling the floss away from the gums could loosen your crown.
    • Rinse: Rinsing your mouth daily with Fluoride mouthwash will clean anything you may have missed with brushing.
    • Schedule Regular Cleanings: Scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist will remove harmful plaque and check your dental crowns for any signs of chips or cracks.


A common misconception with dental crowns is that once they’re placed, they don’t require daily care. The crown only protects the tooth above the gums. With improper oral hygiene, gums will recede and leave the tooth below the gums vulnerable to decay. Daily oral hygiene is important for your medical and dental health.

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Dental crowns are a routine part of life for many people. Caring for your crown and making positive oral hygiene habits will increase the life of your dental crowns, as well as your natural teeth. At Reason To Smile Dental, we believe that preventative care will keep teeth healthy and decay free. Our friendly staff will teach you how to care for your dental crowns. Call today to schedule your consultation at 801-236-0417.

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