Holiday Dental Tips

Spending quality time with family and friends is what the holiday season should be about. As much as you love your dentist, he/she probably isn’t on the top of the list for people you want to spend time with during the busy holiday season. Aside from that, dental emergencies can be costly and a huge inconvenience during this busy time of year. At Reason To Smile Dental, we want you to have a memorable holiday season, and not because you spent it with us. In that spirit, we have compiled these helpful tips for avoiding emergency visits to the dentist and keeping your teeth and gums healthy this season (and all year).

5 Tips for Healthy Teeth

Habits can be a hard thing to break, especially if they are born of convenience. The following tips are probably ones you know you should be doing, however, for some reason you aren’t.

  • Just say no to chewy treats: The holidays are often filled with chewy, gooey, delectable treats. However, these sticky substances will adhere to the enamel of your teeth and can cause decay. Thicker candies, like taffy or caramel, can actually pull fillings and expensive dental work out. Eat these treats sparingly.
  • Don’t crack nuts with your teeth: Although you may feel your teeth are strong and can withstand anything you put between them, that isn’t always the truth. The hard shells that surround nuts and seeds can cause serious damage to teeth and gums. Always use a nutcracker or eat nuts that are already shelled.
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools: I’m sure, over the course of our lives, we’ve all opened stubborn packages or bottle cap with our teeth from time to time. This practice can damage and crack teeth, often resulting in that tooth needing a root canal. Use a bottle opener or scissors instead.
  • Avoid chewing on ice or hard candies: Chewing on ice or hard candies can lead to cracked teeth often resulting in large dental bills and even emergency dental visits. Allowing ice or candy to dissolve naturally will keep teeth from cracking.
  • Nail biting is a no-no: Do you have the habit of biting your nails when your anxious or stressed, or even during an exciting moment at the movies? Not only is this practice bad for your nails, it can cause: teeth grinding, clenching, jaw problems, facial pain and sensitive teeth. Visit with your dentist for possible solutions to your nail biting issues.

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Don’t get so caught up in the holiday season that you forget positive oral health habits and routines. The above tips will help you keep your holiday centered around family and friends and keep you out of the dentists chair. Dr. Vernon and his staff believe in good communication with our patients and their families, helping them understand the importance of good oral health. Call our friendly team to schedule your dental check-up at (801) 618-3399. We wanted to take this moment to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!

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