Dental Check Up For Kids Before Halloween

Don’t let tooth decay, and the accompanying pain, spoil the fun and excitement of your child’s Halloween season. There are steps you can take to prevent dental issues during your holiday. Dental emergencies can ruin your holiday and cost you a small fortune. What can you do to protect your child’s teeth during the holidays?

At Reason To Smile Dental, we have created a fun, stress-free, comfortable environment where children can relax and feel safe during their visit.

Does My Child Need a Pre-Halloween Check Up?

Dental experts agree, preventing dental issues is much easier and less expensive than waiting until emergencies occur. We recommend a dental check up before the Halloween season is in full swing. At this appointment, Dr. Vernon can apply dental sealants as necessary and a fluoride treatment designed to prevent cavities.

Don’t wait to schedule your child’s check up and call Reason To Smile Dental at (801) 618-3399. Our friendly staff will fit you in before the busy holiday hits.

Tips for a Healthier Halloween

What can you do to ensure your child has a happy and healthy Halloween? We have put together a list of things you can do to give your child a healthier holiday:

  • Switch to sugar free candy or dark chocolate.
  • Eat a filling dinner before going trick-or-treating for the night.
  • Try chewing sugar free gum or drinking a glass of milk after dinner.
  • Give out non-food treats like: pencils, tattoos, stickers or bubbles.
  • Provide healthy snacks.
  • Donate uneaten candy. Many places will ship leftover candy to our military men and women, children’s hospital or senior center.

Don’t Wait, Schedule Today!

Don’t wait to schedule your child’s check up until they are in pain. With our state of the art equipment, high-tech office and friendly staff, Reason To Smile will ensure you have a “spook”tacular Halloween. Don’t hesitate, schedule a check up today by calling our office at (801) 618-3399.

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