Are Braces Better Than Invisalign?

Correcting misaligned teeth improves oral health. Straight teeth and gums are easier to clean, and there are fewer places for bacteria to hide and cause tooth decay. The benefits of straight teeth go beyond the aesthetic as correcting teeth can keep them cleaner and less prone to injury. When teeth don’t properly set, they can grind away tooth enamel and expose the tooth to further damage.

Dr. Vernon and his team at Reason To Smile are committed to helping families around Salt Lake City receive comfortable and affordable dental care. We have discounts available for low-income families and those without insurance. Dr. Vernon is passionate about teeth, and he believes that maintaining a healthy mouth can lead to improved overall health. He is a certified Invisalign provider that will answer any questions about the cost and duration of the treatment. Schedule your first consultation today by calling (801) 618-3399.

Is Invisalign Comfortable?

While any tooth correction treatment may cause minor discomfort as the teeth are shifting, Invisalign is by far the most comfortable. Patients can remove their clear aligners while they eat, drink, or play sports, and they don’t have the same dietary restrictions as those with braces.

Although Invisalign offers patients the ability to remove their aligners whenever they eat, the quality of the treatment depends on the responsibility of the patient. Aligners should be left in for an average of 22 hours per day. Patients that are prone to losing or leaving out their aligners should consider traditional braces as an alternative treatment. However, patients who are committed to leaving their aligners in place will reap the benefits of wearing a barely visible aligner that quickly and effectively straightens teeth.

Invisalign Is Easier to Clean

After eating, Invisalign patients should brush their teeth and rinse their plastic aligners. Lightly brushing the dried saliva and bacteria out of the aligner with a fluoride toothpaste will help them stay clear and clean. Since Invisalign doesn’t use wires or brackets to straighten teeth, patients don’t have to worry about picking things out of their teeth. Patients with brackets must be careful not to eat anything that could damage the bracket, and they often get food stuck in their teeth.

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