Many adults weren’t able to straighten their teeth during childhood, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to improve their smile. Invisalign creates perfect smiles for people, no matter their age. With our Invisalign services, you can enjoy the benefits of traditional braces while avoiding some the drawbacks you might be worried about as an adult. If you don’t know much about braces for adults, check out some interesting facts.

A Comfortable Treatment Option

Traditional braces are made of metal. Invisalign is made of plastic, which means sharp metal edges won’t be a problem. Plus, Invisalign is removable, allowing people to take them out while eating, drinking, or brushing.

Efficient Treatment

Many patients think Invisalign takes longer to obtain results than traditional dental options do, but that’s not true. In most cases, it takes about the same amount of time. The typical dentist estimates that this dentistry treatment takes a year for most patients, but it really depends on how severe your dental problems are.

Surprisingly Affordable

Depending on your insurance provider, Invisalign could be covered. Of course, this treatment is more expensive than metal braces, but it is still surprisingly affordable.

A Versatile Treatment Option

Invisalign does more than just correct mild cases of crooked teeth. This treatment solves a variety of dental problems, including overcrowding of teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbite, and gaps. We consult with every patient and fully educate them on what Invisalign can do for them.

We Offer Invisalign Treatment RIght Here in Salt Lake City!

At Reason To Smile we are happy to answer any questions you have or provide a consultation to determine if you would benefit from Invisalign. Please call our Salt Lake City office with any questions. (801) 719-5447

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