4 Ways to Keep Up Your Dental Health This Summer

Summer is upon us, and so too are all the popsicles, ice cream, and sweet drinks that keep us cool from the heat. School is out, and vacations are commonplace, so say goodbye to daily routines. No wonder it’s easy during the summer for your kids to neglect their dental hygiene!

At Reason To Smile, we love the summer, but we also recognize that carefree summer days could spell danger for you child’s oral health. It’s easy enough to balance all your summer fun with sound dental hygiene. Plus, with the extra free time, it’s a great time to have your family come in for a checkup. In the meantime, here are some tips for making summer a little easier on your teeth!

4 Ways to Keep Up with Dental Health This Summer

Whether it’s the cold lemonade or those tempting frozen treats, summer is a time for sugar. Group that with occasionally neglecting to brush your teeth, and you’re looking at potential cavities. We’ve thought of some ways that you can still enjoy your summer, while also taking better care of your oral and overall health:

  • Drink Plenty of Water: We all crave those sweet summer drinks, like lemonade and sweet iced tea. While you can still enjoy these tasty drinks, consider substituting them occasionally for water. You’ll not only be more hydrated, but you’ll also be much less likely to develop cavities come August.
  • Stock Your Freezer With Healthy Snacks: It’s hard to beat popsicles and ice cream. But have you ever had a bowl of frozen grapes or blueberries? These snacks are delicious and they’ll keep you cool, without quite as much sugar as the alternative.
  • Keep Up With Good Dental Hygiene: Dental hygiene can be easily neglected when your routine is in limbo. One trick to remember to brush and floss is to make it fun. For your kids, play some of their favorite music when it’s time to brush, and they might be more willing to brush for a whole 2 minutes.
  • Schedule Summer Checkups: Summer is a great time to catch up on dental checkups and cleanings. Without school and after school activities, you’ll have plenty of time to get you and your family into the dentist.

Family Dentistry with Reason To Smile

Our family dentistry service is a great way to provide dental care to your whole family. Getting everyone in for checkups over the summer is a whole lot easier when you have one trustworthy dentist! For both parents and kids, we offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative services.

Are you Due for a Checkup?

Take advantage of the summer by getting caught up on your dental checkups! You can call us at (801) 719-5447 to schedule a consultation today. You can also contact us here.

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